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May 8, 2017
Elio Motors and the Infinite Sadness

Why Elio Motors Makes Me Sad This article was originally featured on Crowdfund Insider I want to be clear: I am not an investor in Elio Motors. I did not participate in any manner with their offering under the new and improved Regulation A, and I did not promote it. I will gain nothing if […]

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May 3, 2017
Real Estate Syndication Fees

What Fees Can You Charge in a Real Estate Syndication? For an introduction to real estate syndications read more here. The sponsor or syndicator is the person (or group of people) who sets up the investment structure, brings together the pool of investors, oversees and manages the investment, and ultimately through their efforts generates a […]

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May 3, 2017
Intrastate Offerings Rule 147 - SEC rolls out updates.

SEC Rolls Out Update to Rule 147 Intrastate Offerings On April 20, 2017, amendments to Rule 147 and new Rule 147A, federal exemptions for intrastate offerings, finally went into effect. The amendments to Rule 147 and new Rule 147A are intended to modernize and update the exemption that allows companies to raise money from investors […]

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May 3, 2017
Compliance and Disclosure in Regulation Crowdfunding

SEC Releases New Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations On Regulation Crowdfunding Yesterday, the SEC's Division of Corporate Finance released two new Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations (C&DIs) answering questions related to Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF). CD&Is are the Commission's way of giving some informal guidance, through a question and answer format, on how its staff members interpret […]

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