The TIC (Tenant In Common) Epidemic | Webinar

There’s an epidemic happening and Gene Trowbridge is ready to discuss it. We’re not talking about little insects, but about the number of requests we are getting for Tenant in Common (TIC) agreements as a part of our securities offerings.

Most real estate investors who invested in the last 7-9 years have acquired quite a bit of equity and, as a result, have capital gains and cost recovery recapture to report if they sell their property. So, they look to do an IRC 1031 tax-deferred exchange, to defer their gain to the future.

The “epidemic” that is happening is that these investors all want to invest in an LLC that is being formed by our clients. You can’t do a 1031 exchange directly into an LLC, but there is an alternative structure.

For another webinar from Gene on Tenant In Common, click here.

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