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April 24, 2021
What is a Security? | Fast Funding Info

In this episode of Fast Funding Info, Nate Dodson talks about what legally defines a security and, more importantly, why you should care about whether you are or not selling them. Transcription: What does it really mean that you are working with securities?  Generally, there's a test: you're raising money from multiple people, these funds are getting pooled […]

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April 22, 2021
Finder's Fees | Fast Funding Info

In this Fast Funding Info, Nate Dodson breaks down the definition of a finder's fee, and how to build a referral system to help you fund your next investment project. Check out more Fast Funding Info, like the difference between Regulation D rules 506(b) and 506(c) here¬† Check out the SEC's Crowdfunding bulletin here Transcript: […]

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April 8, 2021
2021 SEC Regulation Updates | Webinar

In this webinar Nate Dodson breaks down the new 2021 SEC Regulation changes and how you can take advantage of these new opportunities to grow your business. As an investor, knowledge is power. Especially, if you're an investor interested in the securities market. It will save you from many problems, and in some ways, it […]

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