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Conference Overview

We are the Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN) and “Ignite Your Fire Within” is an event by women investors, for women, about women.  We help women move further faster.  We don’t care if you’re a newbie or expert as long as you’re ready to be inspired, make new connections, learn about hidden opportunities, model experts who have done the work, and unlock your full potential as a Real Estate professional.

What would you do with the opportunity to be in a room of women worth 1 million? 3 million? 5 million? 10 million in Real Estate? 

You might ask them… “How do you flip 6 houses in 1 month?” “How do you raise 3 million dollars in 30 days?”  “How did you get your first wholesale deal?” “How do you develop a resort in Belize?” 

Unlike other events YOU have the opportunity to talk to them directly… so ask them yourself on October 21? 

This is a no sales pitch, no fluff event! It’s authentic conversations and connections, priceless knowledge and real-life real estate hacks you need to succeed.

8:30 AM                 Registration Opens
9:00 AM                 Welcome
9:30 AM                 PANEL ONE: Investments: what to invest in, where to get the deals  
                               (Panel questions followed by questions from attendees, that’s you!)
11:00 AM              Break
11:15 AM              PANEL TWO: Financing and structuring the deals.   
                               (Panel questions followed by questions from attendees, that’s you!)
1:00 PM                 Lunch: A speaker at each table to discuss your personal situation
2:00 PM                 Introduce Keynote Speaker Beth Clifford
3:00 PM                 Mindset Coaching Dr. Connie Osterholt
3:30 PM                 Networking: Get any last questions or contact information you
need from speakers, partners and other attendees.
4:00  PM                Conclusion

As it turns out, the people you surround yourself with and the information they share can be the difference between losing money and making hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions).

When you put yourself in the same space as successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors you have a greater chance of becoming like them.  So, how do women innovators and revolutionaries in real estate make their business go further faster?

It’s proximity!! It’s reliable resources, lenders, contractors, brokers and other secrets that you will discover at Ignite Your Fire Within.

Meet real estate women rockstars to ask questions and seek guidance 
Learn about where to get deals, flipping, developing land, commercial and private lending, investing in storage units, structuring a deal, notes, wholesaling and more…
Put together a power team with our partners and service providers and referral network
  Networking party (food, fun and prizes!)

 WREN is a community, a network of women supporting women as mentors as a referral network, as leaders in the industry.

This event will broaden your thinking, awaken ideas and motivate you to achieve greater personal and business success—in a nutshell—Ignite Your Fire Within and inspire change!

Do you feel like a lone wolf?  Are you looking for liked minded women building wealth through Real Estate?  Do you wish you had access to more knowledge and experience?  Are you tired of being talked down to by men or not being taken seriously?  Do you want to take your Real Estate business to the next level?  Are you ready to kick some ass?

If not now, when will you be ready to join forces with a growing body of women across the country supporting, foster, and mentoring each other to be a force to be reckoned with in Real Estate.

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WREN's Ignite Your Fire Within

Women's Real Estate Network (WREN)

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