Jillian Sidoti WealthFit Podcast

JIllian Sidoti Interview with Dustin Mathews of WealthFit

Jillian Sidoti podcast interview with Dustin Mathews of Wealthfit.

Jillian does a lot of interviews. This particular interview is one of her favorites. She and Dustin Mathews of WealthFit sit and chat about running a record label & Dr. Phil. Curious how/why those things pertain to wealth and raising private money. Tune in to find out.


I had this epiphany when I was in Memphis, which was that this cannot be how businesses are run. People cannot possibly be shoe-stringing businesses along with the cash from their $10 an hour job and their credit card. That can’t be how businesses are built. That’s when I made the decision right there. I’m giving up the record label and going back to law school.

Jillian Sidoti, Esq.