The Crowdfunding Myth


The world of crowdfunding can be a confusing one. Right now, for many of the most innovative ideas, crowdfunding is the most viable option, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach out to a number of potential investors rather than just one. In Crowdfunding Myth, Jillian enumerates on the falsehoods that people tend to believe about crowdfunding and points entrepreneurs in the right direction. Whether you are trying to raise capital for your first real estate deal or syndicate your first film, Jillian, along with industry contributors, will give you clear direction on how to meet your fundraising goals while staying within the letter of the law.



“The crowdfunding myth is deconstructed. You must read this to understand the nuances and it will make you an overnight expert crowdfunder. Nobody has broken the crowd funding equity phenomena yet and with this book can allow you to be the first. Buy it now.” – David Drake, founder of U.S. Crowdfund Professional Association and CIFRA

“A MUST READ BEFORE YOU VENTURE INTO REGULATION CROWDFUNDING! Jillian Sidoti gives very important and practical advice on how to raise capital using the new crowdfunding laws. Small business owners should explore these new options, as there are many and this book helps them make the decision that best suits them.” -Ruth Hedges, pioneer of crowdfunding legislation and producer the Global Crowdfunding Convention.