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Everyone who has met Gene Trowbridge can attest to his undaunted abilities to convey his expertise and investment knowledge to all who would be enlightened.

Johnathan Taylor

Excellent securities filing attorney. Jillian has represented me on ten different successful offerings. I’d highly recommend for your contemplated offering.

Barry Watts


We’ve worked with Mrs. Sidoti on a few Private Placement Memorandums and it has been a great experience. I would highly recommend her services.

Spencer Cullor

CEO, ApartmentVestors

Trowbridge is essential to anyone serious about succeeding beyond the average investor….. unless you already control all of Jed Clampett’s millions.

Steve Smullin

Founder, Real Property Solutions


  • Regulation A+

  • Real Estate Syndication

  • Regulation D

  • Private Placement Memorandum

  • Crowdfunding

  • Opportunity Zones

  • LLC Agreements

  • Equity Funds


Trowbridge Sidoti LLP

Our team delivers no headache, no hassle legal documents for your business.

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We’ve written some books that we think are pretty great. Confused about crowdfunding or just want to learn more? Our publications should help you demystify and make sense of lending laws, crowdfunding, real estate syndication and a whole lot more! All of our books are available on Amazon. Check em out!

It's A Whole New Business by Crowdfunding Lawyer Gene Trowbridge.
The Crowdfunding Myth by Crowdfunding Lawyer Jillian Sidoti. Available on Amazon

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